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Tranquil time.. Nothing matters but the motion. . . . . . #sf #doodlelife #illustration #darkroom #shootingday #stopmotionartist #comic #cartoon #murmur #stayathomeartist #lockdowncrafts #lizardfufu

Fu is a Taiwanese filmmaker. She brings unique handmade design and combines stopmotiontraditional animation and motion graphics in her projects.

She draws-- for opening up communications, finding connections with people, and revealing her thoughts on subjects that matter to her.

She creates award-winning animated shorts both on her personal and collaborative projects.

To share the knowledge and experience of indie filmmaking,

Fu interviews directors about their personal projects, tips and production processes on Nice Shorts.

She thrives on creating a believable world and invites the audience into the mood with performance, music, and lighting.



Something About Work From Home

My Q's Family Portrait

QingTian is my Taiwanese home where I used to live for more than 20 years.

Inspired by the Japanese Colonial Period(1895-1945), it was a time that Taiwanese people mixed and matched their outfits from multiple cultural influences such as China, Japan and Western fashion.
The members are mentioned from left to right: My Bro, Mom, Dad, Me and Ben. 

Composed Diary

No matter how time passes or how far

I am from home -- there is always something inside me that stays the same.

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